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20 July 2021
NTB goes on holiday until August 26! 15 July 2021
The 2020 - 2021 season of the National Theatre of Bucharest ends in the evening of July 18th, with three successful shows in repertoire - "The Dinner Game", "The Man who Saw Death" and "Class". After a holiday shorter than usual, the new season 2021 - 2022 starts on August 26th, when the shows from the current repertoire are scheduled to return to the NTB stages, as well as new premieres. The day after the final gong, we are looking forward to it and hope to announce more good news on the evening of the UNITER Gala, which takes place on Monday evening, July 19th, 2021, in the Grand Hall of NTB - the news of the Directing Award to Carmen Lidia Vidu, nominated for her show Romanian Diary.1989, the only premiere produced at NTB in ​​the summer of 2020, in full pandemic period… Regardless of the result, the director and the show, with all its performers, deserve prolonged applause! We end a turbulent season for the Romanian theatre, with an unpredictable schedule, with suspended performances given several times due to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and delayed premieres. And yet, in recent months, we have been able to offer theatre lovers 3 premieres: Farewell Mr. Haffmann by Jean-Philippe Daguerre, directed by Felix Alexa, (official premiere, on June 2nd and 3rd), at the Painting Hall. "A show about fragile beings thrown into the whirlwind of history and personal events that drive them crazy. A fragility that does not exclude strength and courage ", as the director remarked. Let's Talk about Life! by Ana Sorina Corneanu, the play that won the Award for best play of 2019 at the UNITER Awards Gala, directed by Zsuzsánna Kovács (premiered on June 13th), at the Black Box Hall. "A roller coaster of the human mind, an introspection of the soul in search of truth, a play about who we are… when we do not relate to what others expect us to be," says the author. Carnival Stuffby I.L. Caragiale, experiences in the direction of Alexandru Dabija a turn of style, but also of perception, the comedy turns into drama, bringing through these means even more of Caragiale’s world to ours. “In all aspects, Alexandru Dabija’s show exemplifies (…) our destiny nowadays. The Carnival continues, like all the vanity and futility of this world. ”(Bedros Horasangian, Cultural Observatory) The common denominator of these premieres is the quality of acting creations, noted and appreciated by audiences and critics. Plans for the new season? On the first working week of the new season, the prominent director of Romanian origin, established in France, Alexandra Badea will begin work on a new project, Exile, intended for the big stage, on her own text. In the cast you will find most of the young actors of NTB, as well as the new theatre-dance show "brand" Gigi Căciuleanu, which has already entered rehearsals, for Studio Hall: Kiritza or the Game of... A script based on the well-known play "Old LadyKiritza" by Vasile Alecsandri, whose creation is just 200 years old… Until we hear of the reopening of the season, we wish you a most pleasant summer and holiday! See you healthy starting August 26th, in the NTB halls!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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Young Directors and Playwrights 13 July 2021
"Theatre Networking Talents x „New Stages South-East" The 2021 edition of the International Festival dedicated to Young Directors - Theatre Networking Talents (TNT), organized by the "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre of Craiova and coordinated by director Bobi Pricop, will unfold in partnership with the Goethe Institute through the "New Stages South-East" programme. This year's edition will bring together 5 graduate directors in 2020 and 2021 who will work with 5 young playwrights through October 19th and 22nd, 2021, under the guidance of mentors Theodor Cristian Popescu (director) & Rebekka Kricheldorf (playwright). The workshops will be conducted entirely in English, both offline (at the Port Cultural Cetate) and through online work sessions.  The 5 projects that will result from the workshop will be presented in an online showcase, which will be attended by theatre managers, directors of cultural institutions, festival selectors, theatre critics, thus fulfilling TNT's mission to become a showcase platform of young directors and theatre creators. Each project will be adopted by a partner theatre ("Marin Sorescu" National Theatre of Craiova, "IL Caragiale" National Theatre of Bucharest, "Radu Stanca" National Theatre of Sibiu - German Department, Teatrelli, Piatra-Neamț Youth Theatre), whereas in 2022 the 5 director-playwright teams will develop the plays resulting from working sessions together with the actors of the partner theatres, in view of a reading show / work-in-progress presentation. Subsequently, the projects can be developed into performances that enter the repertoire of producing theatres, and the best performative readings / resulting performances will be presented in Berlin in the final stage of the project "New Stages South-East" in 2023. New Stages South-East is a regional project of the Goethe Institute, addressed to playwrights and professionals in the field, involving artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece (Athens / Thessaloniki), Croatia, Romania / Moldova, Serbia, Cyprus.  Proposed topics: Starting from topics such as migration, pandemics, regional conflicts and populist / nationalist regimes, etc., developed or adapted according to the specific area of ​​interest of each creator, we want to discover the ways in which political and social topical events influence contemporary theatre. Conditions for participation:To register for the selection process, directors must: - be graduates of theatre directing in the academic years 2020 and 2021 // Bachelor's or Master's degree;- be good English speakers;- send a portfolio / CV and a cover letter (max. 2 pages), in which to talk about possible topics / ideas they want to develop within the project and the expectations related to such a work process. To enroll in the selection process, playwrights must: - be fluent in English;- send a portfolio / CV and a cover letter describing the topics / ideas they want to develop in the workshops, and / or a sketch / draft for a possible scene to write in the project.  Deadline:All materials must be sent to, by August 15th, 2021. The selection of participants will be announced by August 24th, 2021, and the director / playwright teams will be composed of the festival coordinators depending on the proposed themes. Important:Theorganizers will reimburse the accommodation, meals and transportation expenses of all participants in this project phase.  Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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HOP Gala - Young Actor’s Gala, 2021 edition 26 April 2021
Motto: "Caragiale - a world in motion"What a world! What a world! What a world!(A Lost Letter, Act IV, Scene 4) UNITER announces the organization of the pre-selection for the HOP! Young Actor’s Gala, 24th edition.The 2021 HOP Young Actor’s Gala continues with the theme: Choreographic Theatre. The DanceActor as a Phenomenon of Contemporary Theatre and will also take place under the wand of the well-known choreographer and dancer Gigi Căciuleanu.This year as well, the pre-selection will take place based on the video recordings sent by the competitors. We address all the actors who graduated from college (bachelor's degree), up to 33 years old. For both sections, Individual and Group, the pre-selection will be carried out as follows:- Presentation of a moment of movement and text prepared by the competitor (maximum 10 minutes in the Individual section and maximum 15 minutes in the Group section).In the construction of the moment, the competitors will treat the text by means of choreographic theatre, in a mixed form - free combination of verbal and non-verbal forms.Maximum composition of a group - 7 people.In the construction of the presented moments, we will follow the original treatment through text and movement (in equal ratio, 50/50 between words and movement) of some pages of free choice from the work of Ion Luca Caragiale: Plays, Sketches, various texts (articles, poems etc. ). Guidelines:• Monologues and / or Dialogues set in motion (Verb - Word / Verb - Action)• Verbal and situational humour taken towards the Danced Act ...• Dynamic relationships between characters (Why not reinvented? Why not even coming from different texts?)Refinement of gestures that populate both the actual texts of the plays, moments and sketches, as well as very precise captions or indications of attitudes and play appearing as filigree, between the lines, with the same “choreographic force” as the text itself.A revisited Caragiale, over space and time, now that Ionescu's absurdity is not only familiar to us, but has even become a classic.Moments of humour or humour about love and hate, about stupidity and intelligence sketched not only in word or gesture, but also in elaborate movement.Those admitted will present the moment prepared, live, at the 2021 HOP Gala.Candidates must send to the email address the video recording of the prepared moment (landscape format), a resume, a copy of the graduation diploma (or certificate issued by the faculty), a photo (portrait, 300 dpi resolution), the title and the logistical and technical information for the presented exercise. The deadline for submitting registration materials is July 15th, 2021.UNITER Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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Special measures in all NTB halls 01 February 2021
We inform you that at the beginning of each week, the building of the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre will undergo a disinfection of performance halls, booths, rehearsal rooms and actor regrouping halls, an action that is performed with a specific device, cold mist generator, which uses for treatment Bionet A 15, a substance with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action, approved by the Ministry of Health and registered in the Biocides Register. We mention that this disinfection action is done according to Order no. 3142/1495/2020 of August 31st, 2020 on measures to prevent contamination with the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and to ensure safe activities in the field of culture. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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