Natalia Calin, Winner of the UNITER Award

13 May 2019
For the first time at NTB, Tania Popa is the Extra 03 November 2019
Solar and impetuous since the very debut, since the student years, when she was already performing in three professional theatres in Bucharest, when Horea Popescu, well-known director, had entrusted her the main role in the show "Ondine", having Adrian Pintea as stage partner, Tania Popa never knew what failure or expectation of the lucky occasion meant. She provoked and was challenged to become a popular audience name. Employed immediately after college at the National Theatre of Bucharest, the chance surged with every role entrusted to her, for two and a half decades, by top directors. This autumn, Tania Popa has the ambition to surprise her viewers in the directorial posture. And not anyway, but through a double directorial debut. One of the shows will premiere at NTB on November 3rd, 2019, and is called The Extra. The play belongs to an old friend, himself an actor, Andreas Petrescu, and was written especially for Tania, in a key different from his other texts, of which we will mention: I move to my mother, I move to my father - Small Theatre , I love you but not you - show hosted by the Metropolis Theatre, Marriage in 3 - Teatrelli, Today No! Maybe tomorrow! - show hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest and, in preparation at the Playwrights’ Theater, The Butler. The Extra is a puzzle of states and situations that take one by surprise, at the border between laughter and tears, at an alert pace, and is recommended as a generous offer for the character of the actress and for the new trial in her career. "Andreas' texts are like a well-crafted glove, perfect even," says Tania. They serve you and challenge you, the actor, in the most fantastic way possible. As I enjoy  professional challenges, I decided that now is the time to test myself as a director. Those who know me know that I can be at the same time not only on stage, behind the scenes, in the room, but also in the skin of the spectator”. She is Tania Popa, one of the most valued actresses of the National Theatre and she expects to tell you naturally the story of the Extra, using only a few elements of play and her exuberant and persuasive energy. “Tania Popa is a ticking bomb. A luxury ticking bomb. You never know when it will explode and when it does, the reaction is strong, sweeping everything around. But not with violence, but with delicacy. With much heat, "states the author of the play. If you have seen her in "The Girl from the Rainbow" ... what can we add? So, remember, on November 3rd, 2019, at 8 pm, in the Painting Hall of the National Theatreof Bucharest, the premiere will take place: The Extra, a new one woman show with Tania Popa!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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High school students go to the theatre again. 5 high schools - 5 theatres 2019 is starting 09 October 2019
Wednesday, October 9th, 2019, marks the beginning of the 9th edition of 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres, a project dedicated to students. The launch will take place at the Nicolae Toniza High School of Fine Arts, starting from 11:00. All the participants of this year - high school students and teachers from Bucharest, organizers and partner theatres are waiting for the launch event. ECDL Romania, together with its partners, UNITER, Bucharest City Hall, School Inspectorate of Bucharest Municipality, House of the Academics and Small Theatre, IL Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest, Jewish State Theatre, Ion Creangă Theatre, Nottara Theatre invites you to meet the young artists and theatre spectators. 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres is an educational project that encourages high school students to be involved in cultural activities, through their access to institutions and to plays, challenging them at the same time to a show competition. The theatres reopen their season for another 150 students, including members of the theatreensembles, from 5 other high schools in the capital. Everyone will watch free shows from the season of each of the 5 partner theatres in the project dedicated to young people, 5 high schools - 5 theatres: the Small Theatre, the IL Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest, the Jewish State theatre, the Ion Creangă theatre and the Nottara Theatre. The new schools in the capital participating in this edition are: Nicolae Tonitza High School of Fine Arts, CA Rosetti Theoretical High School, Mircea Vulcănescu Technological High School, Stefan Odobleja Theoretical High School and Gheorghe Asachi Technical College. The project will run between October - December 2019 and will end with the 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres Gala, when the representations, the judging and the awarding of the five plays performed by the high school students will take place. High school students will then have the chance to get on a major stage in Bucharest, to perform in front of a jury of theatre professionals and to be applauded by a large audience. On Wednesday, at the launch event of 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres, we intend to find out what are the stages of this edition and we will draw the working groups at short shows.  Since the first edition started in 2011 at the initiative of ECDL Romania, 1,200 students from 35 different high schools in Bucharest have participated in this project. They will be joined by the 150 students from the new 5 high schools selected for the 9th edition. Alternative education is of crucial importance for the development of young people, who must continue to be directed towards real and fair values, including cultural values. ECDL initiatives promote the balanced development of young people, who pursue international IT&C careers and certifications, but also understand the act of culture, as a complement to the knowledge and skills accumulated in school. You can find more information about the project 5 High Schools - 5 Theatres on or on  ECDL - the international standard for digital skills certification.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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