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03 September 2020
It Is Happening at NTB 06 May 2021
Starting May 6th, 2021, NTB-TV, the first television channel in Romania dedicated exclusively to theatre, returns to the NTB Youtube channel with a new series of shows, under the title It Is Happening at NTB. The new series of TV productions for the online environment will include magazine-style shows, which will present reports, interviews, portraits of the great actors of the National Theatre, memories of great performances, details about how theatre costumes are created in our workshops, backstage sequences, statements by the actors and the audience. It Is Happening at NTB is a series produced, like the previous ones, NTB Stories and Three Auspicious Hours (produced during the period of isolation imposed by the pandemic), by the promotion department of the National Theatre, which has thus managed to maintain contact with the audience during the complicated period of the last year. On May 6th, therefore, from 8:00 p.m., we are waiting for you on NTB-TV (Youtube NTB), to participate, with us, in the rehearsals, activities and preparations that the National Theatre of Bucharest has made during the period in which the theatres were closed. But you will see that things "happen at TNB" even when the spaces are not open to the public, so that new shows can be premiered as soon as the audience can get tickets, NTB-TV subscribers will be the first to find out about all the news and activities of the artists of the National Theatre of Bucharest. A reason for joy, which we all need, especially as the moment of the reopening of the halls is drawing close. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and you will surely become one of the loyal viewers of NTB and ...TNB-TV. You are most welcome! Translated by Simona Nichiteanu
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With a diverse repertoire, NTB reunites its spectators in theatres and prepares the online reunion! 06 May 2021
Starting with May 6th, 2021, at 8.00 p.m., NTB TV returns with a new format to the theatre’s YouTubechannel. The first television in Romania dedicated exclusively to theatre, offers you a new series of bimonthly shows, under the title It Is Happening at NTB, pictorial-type shows, which will present reports, interviews, portraits of great actors of the National Theatre, memories of great shows, details on how to create theatre costumes in our workshops, backstage shots, statements of the actors, but also of the audience. We invite you to subscribe to our Youtube channel and you will surely become one of NTB's and ... NTB-TV’sloyal viewers! Even if the gates of the National Theatreof Bucharest were closed to the audience for a long time, the activity for preparing the new productions awaiting their premiere in the next period took place without interruption, in the rehearsal rooms, in the workshops and on stage.  The news that we were all waiting for came, that of the reopening of the performance halls! Therefore, we can announce that, on the evening of May 15th, 2021, the National Theatre of Bucharest resumes its activity, simultaneously in 4 halls. At the Grand Hall, within the pilot programme initiated by the Ministry of Culture (with participation rules that will be communicated in the next period by a Government Decision and tickets purchased exclusively online) will be presented the highly successful show The Dinner Game. In the other halls you can see the shows Little Hell (Studio Hall), Titanic Orchestra (Painting Hall) and Let's Talk about Life! by Ana Sorina Corneanu (Black Box Hall) - which is also the first release to the audience of the winning play of the UNITER award Best Romanian play of the year - 2019, starring Florentina Ţilea and directed by the young Zsuzsánna Kovács. Next, until May 24th, other titles cherished by the audience were scheduled, such as The Mousetrap, The Beauty of Venice in September, Allegro, ma non troppo, The Memory of Water, God Dresses from the Thrift, Rumors, TheCuriousIncident of the Dog in the Night-Time, The Anonymous Venetian, Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference, Once Upon a Time in Romania, TwentyYears in Siberia, Incognito - one of the newest titles in the theatre's repertoire. On May 19th and 20th, 2021, the Painting Hall will host the first performances with the new show staged by Felix Alexa at NTB, Goodbye, Mr. Haffmann, a play written by French actor, director and playwright Jean-Philippe Daguerre, performed with great success on Parisian stages and crowned with no less than 4 Molière awards, in 2018. Cast: Alexandru Potocean, Richard Bovnoczki, Alexandra Sălceanu, Emilia Popescu, Andrei Finţi. At the Studio Hall, in an advanced stage of preparation, there is also the show Carnival Stuff by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Alexandru Dabija, with a spectacular cast and a surprising scenography (Liliana Cenean- costumes, Raluca Alexandrescu - scenery). Starting with Saturday, May 8th, 2021, the Guided Tours of the Theatre will be resumed, with 3 daily tours, on Saturdays and Sundays, every week (up to the participation of 10 people / tour). The halls, workshops and backstage of the National Theatre can be visited. Tickets are on sale both at the Theatre’sBox Office - for tours organized from the weekend of May 15-16, and online on the MyStage platform. For guided tours on May 8th and 9th, tickets can be purchased only online, on the MyStage platform!! (For additional information, phone: 021.314.71.71 - NTB Box Office). If you have purchased tickets for the shows in the current repertoire before March 8th this year, pay attention to the rescheduled shows, the start time may be changed, depending on the duration of the show, in order to comply with the current traffic schedule in Bucharest. We invite you to consult these details and the complete schedule of the performances on the theatre's website, at We are waiting for you to return to the theatre!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu
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Eight performances are rescheduled 04 May 2021
In the week of May 17 - May 23, 2021, eight performances are rescheduled from the week of March 8 - 14, 2021, in which the activity of the theatre was suspended. These will take place according to the following schedule: 1. Incognito from March 12th, 2021, at 7.30 pm, will be rescheduled on May 20th, 2021, at 7.30 pm 2. Romanian Diary. 1989 from March 13th, at 8 pm, will be rescheduled on May 20th, 2021, at 7.30 p.m. Attention! The start time of the show is changed! 3. The Mousetrap from March 14th, 2021, at 7.00 p.m., is rescheduled on May 22nd, 2021, at 6.30 p.m. Attention! The start time of the show is changed! 4. Rumors from March 14th, 2021, at 7.00 p.m., is rescheduled on May 23rd, 2021, at 7.00 p.m. 5. TwentyYears in Siberia from March 14th, 2021 at 8.00 p.m. is rescheduled on May 21st, 2021 at 7.30 p.m. Attention! The start time of the show is changed! 6. ActOrchestra from March 11th, 2021 at 8.00 p.m. is rescheduled on May 18th, 2021 at 7.00 p.m. 7. The Girl Soldier from March 13th, 2021 at 6.00 p.m. is rescheduled on May 21st, 2021 at 7.00 p.m. 8. The Girl Soldier from March 14th, 2021 at 6.00 p.m. is rescheduled on May 22nd, 2021 at 7.00 p.m.Attention! The start time of the show is changed! The purchased tickets remain valid for these dates, or you can recover their value from the NTB Ticket Office by presenting the ticket in physical format or from for those purchased online. Thank you for your understanding!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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HOP Gala - Young Actor’s Gala, 2021 edition 26 April 2021
Motto: "Caragiale - a world in motion"What a world! What a world! What a world!(A Lost Letter, Act IV, Scene 4) UNITER announces the organization of the pre-selection for the HOP! Young Actor’s Gala, 24th edition.The 2021 HOP Young Actor’s Gala continues with the theme: Choreographic Theatre. The DanceActor as a Phenomenon of Contemporary Theatre and will also take place under the wand of the well-known choreographer and dancer Gigi Căciuleanu.This year as well, the pre-selection will take place based on the video recordings sent by the competitors. We address all the actors who graduated from college (bachelor's degree), up to 33 years old. For both sections, Individual and Group, the pre-selection will be carried out as follows:- Presentation of a moment of movement and text prepared by the competitor (maximum 10 minutes in the Individual section and maximum 15 minutes in the Group section).In the construction of the moment, the competitors will treat the text by means of choreographic theatre, in a mixed form - free combination of verbal and non-verbal forms.Maximum composition of a group - 7 people.In the construction of the presented moments, we will follow the original treatment through text and movement (in equal ratio, 50/50 between words and movement) of some pages of free choice from the work of Ion Luca Caragiale: Plays, Sketches, various texts (articles, poems etc. ). Guidelines:• Monologues and / or Dialogues set in motion (Verb - Word / Verb - Action)• Verbal and situational humour taken towards the Danced Act ...• Dynamic relationships between characters (Why not reinvented? Why not even coming from different texts?)Refinement of gestures that populate both the actual texts of the plays, moments and sketches, as well as very precise captions or indications of attitudes and play appearing as filigree, between the lines, with the same “choreographic force” as the text itself.A revisited Caragiale, over space and time, now that Ionescu's absurdity is not only familiar to us, but has even become a classic.Moments of humour or humour about love and hate, about stupidity and intelligence sketched not only in word or gesture, but also in elaborate movement.Those admitted will present the moment prepared, live, at the 2021 HOP Gala.Candidates must send to the email address the video recording of the prepared moment (landscape format), a resume, a copy of the graduation diploma (or certificate issued by the faculty), a photo (portrait, 300 dpi resolution), the title and the logistical and technical information for the presented exercise. The deadline for submitting registration materials is July 15th, 2021.UNITER Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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