The NTB Online Programme, week 18 - 24 May!

18 May 2020
NTB Online Programme, from June 2nd to 7th, 2020 02 June 2020
After the Holiday dedicated to the International Children's Day, the National Theatre of Bucharest resumes the broadcasting of online conferences as of June 2nd. Three lectures by personalities of Romanian socio- cultural and scientific life will be seen this week, Tuesday through Thursday on the NTB YouTube channel and a show on the weekend - A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, directed by Petrică Ionescu. A dream populated by gods and mortals, spirits, elves and fairies, impersonated by established actors of the National Theatre, who are joined by young artists of the Bucharest scene. Online conference schedule: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2.00 p.m. - Aurora Liiceanu - The Discomfort of Psychologists: Uncertainties and Hesitations (the conference was held on April 1st, 2018) Wednesday, June 3rd, 2.00 p.m. - Prof. Dr. Dinu Antonescu - The Impact of Communism on Romanian Medicine (from January 19th, 2020) Thursday, June 4th, 14.00 - Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu - Romanian Ethics and Public Sense 200 Years Ago (from March 18th, 2007) 5, 6, 7 June 2020 - Friday (4.00 p.m.), Saturday and Sunday (6.00 p.m.) - the most erotic play of the great Will: A Midsummer Night's Dream. A fantastic dream from the magical Midsummer Night, woven by the imagination of an artist of overwhelming originality, A Midsummer Night's Dream at NTB brings together elements of authentic Shakespearean poetry, humour, mystifying visual structures, ballet, and an exceptional musical score.  You will encounter not only one of the two most performed Shakespearean plays in Romania of the last six decades, according to a local study, but also… "the most erotic play of the great Will - as Jan Kott appreciates in his well-known book Shakespeare Our Contemporary. In no other comedy or tragedy, apart from Troilus and Cresida, eroticism is more brutal. For a long time, the renowned critic relates, theatres have been content to represent the Dream as a story of the Grimm brothers, completely eliminating the causticity of dialogue and the brutality of situations. " The vision of Romanian director Petrică Ionescu, famous for his stagings on major opera stages worldwide, will reveal a different Dream and a different forest, which no longer resembles an Arcadia of lovers, but rather "a forest haunted by devils and fairies, in which witches and evil spirits can easily find anything favourable to their spells." Just like in Shakespeare, Kott would say, to whom the above description belongs. "By necessarily descending through our experiences and pulsations into the caves, into the lowest and deepest cellars of our consciousness, we initiate ourselves, returning to the surface more evolved. Love is, in Shakespeare's very pessimistic vision, but an illusion, like theatre and "I discovered the absolute derision and the inescapable cruelty of the love experience. The endless illusions. I tried to convey these multiple truths with cruelty, keeping the sarcasm and humour present in every inflection of the Shakespearean text", declares Petrică Ionescu. Let us discover for ourselves the way through the thickets of the unleashed senses… In the cast of the show that you will be able to see online, the roles are performed by the actors: Theseus / Oberon: Marius Bodochi, Hippolyta: Raluca Petra, Titania: Maia Morgenstern, Aegean: Costel Constantin, Hermia: Ana Covalciuc, Demetrius: Silviu Mircescu, Lysander: Alex Călin, Helena: Ilinca HărnuțGuitar,: Dorin And one, Bottom: Mihai Constantin, Snug: Costi Apostol, Flute: Istvan Teglas, Starveling: Daniel Badale, Snout: Ștefan Ruxanda, Puck: Claudiu Bleonţ, Fairies: Eliza Păuna, Ilona Brezoianu, Alexandra Stroe, Philostrat: Vitalie Bichir, Rareș Fota. The show is not recommended for children under 14 years. More information and the whole team of directors on the show's page.   For details and last-minute information, we invite you to follow our pages at the following addresses: our YouTube channel,ţionalILCaragialeBucureşti - NTB Facebook page - https: //www.facebook. com / TNB.Ro / - NTB website, on the page We are waiting for you online this week, and soon in the open-air amphitheatre located above the Grand Hall of the National Theatre!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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#stayhome. Princes and princesses need a story! 06 April 2020
The National Children's Theatre has not taken a vacation! Online, find a magical story a day!Marian Ralea, the Magician of Stories, and the Abracadabra National Theatre for Children propose to children, young and old, a Magical Story a day. The stories can be viewed on the YouTube channel. I can, I am a magician: Each story ends with a question or riddle from the Magi, to which children can reply until the next day in the comments section on the Facebook page: The correct answers will be found out, of course, also from the Magician of Stories, who also awards them with invitations to the future shows of the Abracadabra National Theatre for Children.This is what Marian Ralea, the Magician of Stories, tells us about how the Magical Stories appeared: “We are staying in houses. They became our palaces. Princes and princesses (young and old) need a story. We always need a story, and these days more than ever. I am also staying at home. And I can only help a little. With magical stories about life, outside the palace where life goes on. And it will continue! That is how the idea of ​​"Magical Stories" was born.We invite you online and hope to see you again at the theatre, at the National Theatre for Children, soon!
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NTB Intends to Restructure the Theatrical Season 31 March 2020
In accordance with the measures arising from the application of Decree no. 195/2020 regarding the establishment of the state of emergency on the Romanian territory, all performances, public manifestations and other activities held within the premises of the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest are suspended for the entire period of the state of emergency.  In view of these legal provisions, the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre announces that it will change the usual structure of the season, which supposed its closure in July and August, following, this year, to the extent that the epidemiological context will allow, to schedule shows throughout the summer months - June, July and August. Performances from the theatre's current repertoire, including rescheduled ones, will be performed on the stage of all halls - the Grand Hall, the Studio Hall, the Painting Hall, the Black Box Hall, the Small Hall, the Media Hall - spaces equipped with air conditioning and climate control. We will also reopen the summer outdoor season, at the 300-seat Amphitheatre on the NTB roof, as part of the highly successful programme, Amphitheatre, summer nights, up, on the theatre (theatre, dance, music, film). The theatre’s actors and the technical stage body have been consulted in connection with this proposal, which also involves the reorganization of their private life, the rescheduling of family holidays, travel, and other commitments. The unanimous and joint response was Yes, we perform this summer!, an answer that is a wonderful profession of love for the audience! Dear viewers, we are convinced that you will also answer this call to return to the theatre as soon as possible! We await you with comfortable halls, both with the shows from the current repertoire and with the new premieres, which we are trying to prepare in the meantime.  Until we hear back, we remind you that you can find us online daily, as part of the broadcast programme of the NTB Conferences, which you can consult on the theatre website. You can also access the theatre’s interactive virtual tour. We also undertake the necessary diligence to obtain the agreement of all the authors involved in the performances of the NTB repertoire, for the online broadcast of a number of existing shows in filmed format from our digital archive. So, note the following addresses where you can follow us online: - our youtube channel - https: // - the NTB Facebook page - / - the NTB website,, on a page that is specially created for these online broadcasts Stay home ... for now, and stay healthy!    Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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A new Romanian play, for the first time at NTB: Matilda and the Grave-Makers! 15 February 2020
Matilda and the Grave-Makers by Stela Giurgeanu, proclaimed "Play of the year 2018" at the UNITER Awards Gala, will celebrate the official premiere on Saturday, February 15th, 2020, at the Black Box Hall, from 8 pm. The audience of the National Theatre of Bucharest has the opportunity to meet with a new Romanian play, inspired from the reality of our days, in which domestic violence hovers, pressing, sometimes silent, but most often violently noisy, like dark birds, above the shelter, hosting three sisters-in-law and a seemingly identical destiny. A dark comedy about the eternal dispute between men and women, full of suspense as a detective novel, where no one knows who wins, or at least ... on the surface. A text about a generation that buried their demons to give the next generation the right to happiness. "Who wants to laugh like champagne? asks renowned journalist Eugen Istodor on HotNews. Who wants excitement, suspense, entertainment, fear, happy end? They should go to Matilda and the Grave-Makers". Directed by Mircea Rusu, with a cast chosen and directed with psychological finesse, Matilda and the Grave-Makers is a show ‒ plea for the freedom of women so powerful in all their frailty, a game of appearances, camouflaging terrible pain and scarred wounds. "This mixture of fear and humor, "dark humor", fascinates me. It is a micro-universe that rejects and attracts at the same time," says Mircea Rusu.  "If things are not what they seem? asked the author, a journalist passionate about social investigation. "Can anyone, who says a joke, hide a trauma? What if someone who looks angelic is in fact diabolical? Can a strong man be an extremely fragile man?" A cold and detached man, who laughs at the idea of ​​love, does he not long for despair after love? Caught in the pace of a pulsating life, we often ignore the sufferings of those around us - thus risking to build that vicious cycle in which those around us will be deaf to our sufferings. Because "Matilda and the Grave-Makers" is, first of all, a play about appearances, it seems like a comedy. But, as one viewer told me: "you don't know whether to laugh or cry." And I think that through this, I reached my goal: to give people time to think twice before putting a label and to offer them a journey on the axis between good and evil, a journey full of nuances - at the end of which one gets the gist,evenif briefly, of the weariness of everyday life,” says Stela Giurgeanu. Editor of the Dilema Veche magazine, Stela Giurgeanu is a remarkable journalist focused on social issues. In 2003, she received a mention in the "reportage" section of the contest "Young journalist of the year", organized by the Freedom House Foundation and in 2008, she was designated "European Reporter of the Year", an award granted by the Representation of the European Commission in Romania, for the footage on the Europe of the Gârda People. She made her debut in 2007 with the story Two People, published in the volume The Book with Grandparents (Humanitas Publishing). As a playwright, she participated several times in the annual contest organized by UNITER under the aegis and with the support of the Royal House of Romania. In 2015, the play The Time of Madmen was nominated "The best Romanian play of the year" and was presented, in a lecture-show, at NTB. In 2016, the play The Time Collector was nominated in the Final Selection of the UNITER Drama Contest. In 2019, Matilda and the Grave-Makerswas designated "The best Romanian play of the year" and was published by the Unitext Publishing House. We invite you to discover why, in an apparent impromptu, three women take refuge on the terrace of the house, in a hilarious and improvised existence. Who are they running from, what mysteries do they hide? Cast: Amalia Ciolan / Liliana Hodorogea, Cesonia Postelnicu / Tania Popa, Erika Baiesu / Oana Constantinescu Fulvia Folosea / Cristina Constantinescu, Lari Giorgescu / Dragos Ionescu. The scenography is signed by Gabi Albu, whose creations you could admire recently at the premieres of The Merchant of Venice and The Cherry Orchard. The following representations of Matilda and the Grave-Makersare scheduled for March 18th and 28th, 2020, at the Black Box Hall, from 8 pm. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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