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27 June 2019
Ion Caramitru: Open Letter 08 July 2019
I hereby address people - generally the spectators - especially friends and those who are not friends. When I debuted in the role of Eminescu in 1964 at NTB, director Sică Alexandrescu wrote to me a dedication on the book given at the premiere: "Dear Caramitru, who has talent and many enemies, you have a lot of talent, I wish you as many enemies! " I can tell my master that his wish is fulfilled. I have enough enemies both in the theatre, in the Parliament, in the Government and even in the street. We have reached maturity, beloved master! I have nothing to reproach myself, neither about my civic conduct, nor about my professional or material one. I have to reproach my trust in people and the naivety of forgetting what the Romanian always knows that the major, dramatic and sometimes even tragic surprises come from those for whom, in one way or another, one has only done good in life and career. From here to the media lynching I am experiencing, it is just one step. I have to defend myself, prove myself, undress in front of the world to show where it hurts and what I am going to do. Just as it was in communism. We have been through this. I am ready. I feel obliged, for the third time in the past twenty years, to save my honour. In 2001, at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, I decided to compromise myself, in connection with UNITER. Eventually, I won in court a libel trial that ended with the criminal conviction of State Secretary Ion Antonescu, nicknamed "the Marshal". We then asked for moral damages of 1 Leu, because I was not interested in the material gain, but for the truth to come to light. Between 2015 and 2017, I was investigated in all the hypostases of a civil servant, by the well-known ANI body. In 2017, the file was closed. Today, I am preparing for the third trial. The accusations are pouring, I am already an offender, the land is almost flooded. But today, my cause is mainly the rescue from inactivity and bankruptcy of the National Theater of Bucharest and the main national institutions of Romania, in direct connection with the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, which is de facto responsible for our work. Alongside, another route to be approached, starting from the criminal charges and untruthfulness of some unscrupulous colleagues. I am ready for this too. I want to assure my friends that I do not need help, that I have the truth on my side and that I will fight to prove it. I just ask them to follow me in everything I do.  That is all.   Ion Caramitru 08.07.2019
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Summer schedule of the Box Office 01 July 2019
  In the time frame 1 - 31 July 2019, the NTB Box Office shall be open from Monday to Sunday from 2.00 - 8.00 p.m., and in the days with scheduled shows in the Amphitheatre, the opening times shall be 2.00 - 9.00 p.m.! In the time frame 1 - 30 August 2019, tickets are available exclusively online, and as of August 31st, the regular schedule shall be resumed.   Thank you for you understanding and you are welcome to the theatre!
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Natalia Calin, Winner of the UNITER Award 13 May 2019
NTB actress Natalia Calin was nominated as Best Supporting Actress and received the UNITER Prize at the Gala that took place at the National Theatreof Cluj Napoca. She received this distinction for the role of Mrs. Bologa in the show The Forest of the Hanged, after Liviu Rebreanu, script, direction and sound universe by Radu Afrim, production of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre of Bucharest, at the 27th gala of the Theatrical Union awards of Romania. "I am Apostol Bologa's mother." Radu Afrim, thank you for the courage you had to bring me back to life, to call me into your fabulous worlds for this beautiful story. I would like everyone to see this show because it is wonderful, "said the winner on the gala stage. Natalia Calin's opposing candidates were: Sabrina Iaschievici, for the role of Masha in the show "The Seagull" by AP Chekhov, directed by Andrei Serban, Unteatru, and Mirela Oprisor for the role of Stella in the show "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams, directed by Claudiu Goga, Metropolis Theatre. The nomination jury for the 27th edition of the UNITER 2019 prize gala was made up of theatre critics Monica Andronescu, Oana Bors and Mircea Morariu. The performances that were considered by the jury are those that premiered between 1 January and 31 December 2018. The final jury, which nominated the winners in the evening of the gala, consisted of: Vlad Ivanov (actor), Doina Modola (critic), Maia Morgenstern (actress), Cristian Pepino (director) and Viorica Petrovici (set designer). Translated by Simona Nichiteanu    About Natalia Calin
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The NTB Amphitheatre. An Outdoor Stage 19 April 2019
The outdoor amphitheatre is a unique stage in Romania, a place up the National Theatre, 24 meters above University Square. At NTB, from May to September, cultural and artistic genres, diversity and the summer (and cultural) debate meet under the summer night sky, at the very km 0 of the capital, in an exciting and varied nocturnal programme. Theatre and dance performances, jazz, rock or folk concerts, art films or the latest cinematic productions, meetings with artists will be seen and experienced this summer under the starry sky of Bucharest in the NTB Amphitheatre. Famous names and young artists, performances from the National Theatre repertoire, as well as productions of independent theaters will outline the summer experienced above Bucharest. When the city goes on holiday, we will meet you on the roof of the National Theatre, at the Open-Air Amphitheater, to open the Summer Season together! We have prepared an appealing and relaxing offer. Let us count this summer together unforgettable encounters, shows, concerts, movies and nights! The NTB Amphitheatre is an open-air cultural supplement recommended during springtime and summer, indicated against rainy clouds or canicular asthenia. It is also recommended as therapy for sea, mountain and holiday longing. The amphitheatre helps an audience suffering from excessive boredom at the office during the summer (and not only). Expert advice: If you go to the restaurant on the terrace, located under the open-air amphitheatre, you can see one of the most beautiful panoramas of the capital! Good to know: Tickets for May and June were put up for sale! Details on &   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu                                                            
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