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Sound of Rumi

31 August 2017

Independent show hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event! “Sound of Rumi” is a mystical music concert that draws inspiration from the spiritual poetry of the 13th century poet Mewlana Jalaludin Rumi. Skillfully combining ancient Maghams of Tanbour, free-flowing melody lines and soul-stirring poems sung in the haunting beauty of the original language, the composer Ali Asghar Rahimi created a tapestry of sound and color, word and emotion that touches the heart and inspires contemplation and meditation. Ali Asghar Rahimi Iranian mystical music composer, vocalist and Master Tanbour player, former student of Master Taher Yarveysi and Master Seyed Amrollah Shah Ebrahimi, he has been studying, performing and teaching Persian music and ancient Maghams of Tanbour for more than 25 years. His mastery of instrumental technique and Persian musical language, his creativity and the ability of sensing Maghams have helped him create a new and distinct style in the Persian mystical music by blending passion, emotion, spirituality and advanced techniques of composition and performance. This has resulted into a recent collaboration with the well-known Iranian singer Shahram Nazeri for whom he composed the music of a new album – a project supported by UNESCO which combines video images of the most beautiful heritage sites in the city of Esfahan with Iranian spiritual music – to be released soon. As solo artist or with the Roohafza Ensemble he founded in 1999, he has performed in many festivals and venues both in Iran and worldwide including Turkey, Nepal, UK, Russia, Romania, Lebanon, etc. Website    Two other outstanding musicians, members of Roohafza Ensemble, will join Ali Asghar Rahimi on stage for the concerts in Romania. Mohsen Taherzadeh Iranian Master Daf player, he has performed both as a solo artist and with different Ensembles on many stages in Europe and Asia and with Iranian Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Master Majid Entezami in Tehran and Esfahan.He has taken part in several international festivals in Germany, Malaysia and Turkmenistan and, in 2012 he was Artist in Residence at the Tamburi Mundi Festival in Freiburg. He has created his own personal style on Daf managing, in his over 18 years of playing, to give his instrument a living soul with a subtle spiritual depth. Mostafa Ghanaat Iranian Clarinetist with a wide musical experience. At the age of 14 he was selected to play clarinet in Master Sirous Saghari Orchestra and at the age of 15 he played saxophone in the Great Isfahan Orchestra thus becoming one of the youngest musicians who had the privilege to perform on stage with the great masters of the time. In his over 40 years of musical career he kept on crafting and refining his sound till he developed a personal soulful style that resulted into collaborations with numerous ensembles and orchestras. Organizers: “Societatea Muzicala” and “Yasna Production” For reservations please send an email to

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Holograf - Unplugged

16 October 2017

Independent show hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event!

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