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18 November 2019
The Kishinev National Theatre returns to NTB with the latest shows 21 January 2020
Also early this year, within the framework of the project Romanian Theatre in Bucharest, Iaşi and Kishinev, the seventh edition, the "Mihai Eminescu" National Theatre ofKishinev (TNME) presents on the stage of the Bucharest National two of the most recent productions, the shows The Siberian Files, directed by Petru Hadârcă (January 22nd, 7pm, Grand Hall), and Who Woke Up Yorick, directed by Alexandru Vasilache (January 21st, 7pm, Studio Hall). The Siberian Files, one of the most moving document-shows, an expression of individual suffering in a collective tragedy, the most important theatrical event of the past season beyond Prut - according to theKishinev Journal, is a devastating show of immense human suffering, but also about the power to fight and resist the evil that seemed endless. Very few of those who have undergone the sufferings and terror of the Soviet regime are still among us, transmit the creators, most of them have passed into the world of the righteous. "They probably do not need anything from us, not even our memory. We need these memories. " "Siberia's obsession is one of the strongest in the post-Soviet space, however, in the Bessarabian theatres no one has dared to tackle the issue of deportation, the Gulag, in recent decades. The new TNME production has three protagonists: Ecaterina Chele, deported in 1941, Margareta Cemârtan-Spânu, deported in 1949 and Ion Moraru, politically convicted in 1950 at Gulag, for leading the organization against the Soviet power "The Sword of Justice". 70 years after the largest wave of Stalinist deportations in Bessarabia and after almost three decades since the archival documents were de-secreted, the "Files of Siberia" by Petru Hadârcă (script: Petru Hadârcă and Mariana Onceanu) is a first sign, declare the producers, that we have not lost our memory completely, that we can assume the past, no matter how terrible, tragic, infernal it is from the nowaday’s perspective. " "The Siberian Files" is the first show in the Romanian Theatre Tour that is performed on NTB on the grand stage. Full-scale enactment, the show requires no less than 6 hours to set the stage. The duration of the show is 2 hours and 15 minutes, with a break. The show is not recommended for minors under 16 years. The cast features some of the best-known actors of the Kishinev National Theatre: Olga Guțu-Cucu, Draga-Dumitrița Drumi, Tinka Mardari, Dan Melnic, Diana Decuseară, Ninela Caranfil, Nicolae Darie, Constantin Adam, Angela Ciobanu, Ana Tkacenko, Doriana Zubcu - Marginean, Tatiana Saenco, Peter Oistric, Ion Mocanu, Ghenadie Galca, Alexandru Plesca, Valentin Zorila, Iurie Focsa, Mihai Zubcu. Together with them, students of Professor Mihai Fusu. From the team of performers of the show we also mention: Irina Gurin - Stage design (props, costumes), Irina Slobodeaniuc - Body expression, Ian Onica - Video projection, Oleg Mardari - Stage fights. Video footage: OWH Studio. Who Woke Up Yorick? after William Shakespeare, adaptation and direction by Alexandru Vasilachi, well-known and appreciated theatre creator, master in Shakespeare enactments ("Hamlet", "A Midsummer Night’s Dream", "Love Dances and Plays Tricks", "The Merry Wives of Windsor") continues to surprise with this new staging, whose premiere took place at the end of last year, on December 14th. Cutout-show inspired by the most savoury stories told by the genius of the great playwright, based on an exuberant script, mixture of magic, humor, inventiveness, lyricism, baroque excess, Who Woke Up Yorick? reflects serious concepts such as responsibility and the yearningfor greatness, being and non-being, the pain of existence under severe weather, death, consciousness, hope. Gags, surprises, jokes flood into a place, captivating the senses and imagination. The plurality of the show grants the possibility to the wonderful actors of the elite troupe of the Kishinev National - Silvia Luca, Petru Hadârcă, Alexandru Leancă, Angela Ciobanu, Anatol Durbală, Petru Oistric, Iurie Focșa, Doina Severin and all the others - to reveal the full extent of creative force, playful pleasure, and above all - Love. The props are signed by Iurie Matei, and the costumes by Tatiana Popescu. Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes (with a break). You are most welcometo the theatre to read the world, the organizers announce. As it is, it has been and will be. Tickets are available at the NTB Ticket Office, in the Grand Hall lobby, as well as online, on   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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