Getting Sara Married

by Sam Bobrick

Getting Sara Married

by Sam Bobrick

Claudiu Goga
Ioana şi Radu Corciova

Pause: No


100 lei

Independent show hosted by NTB

The conjugal plot of the play, with brilliant lines, strange and comical situations where the characters only arrive to a New York living room allowed the five actors to create modern characters, somewhat extravagant, filled with humour.

New York's quaintest aunt, Martha Hastings, wants at any cost to marry her granddaughter, Sara Hastings, probably the loneliest successful lawyer in New York. Martha appeals to New York's kindest interloper, Noogie, who, "with an attic shot," is delivering attractive youngsters to Sara. She, disappointed by men, wakes up with Brandon on her hands. A Brandon who has to pass from unconsciousness to an enamoured man or at least devoted to his new fiancé, Heather. Brandon, the most engaged financial consultant in New York, has a perfect fiance in Heather. But no one can anticipate the games of a three-in-one romance, mouth-to-mouth ventilation, grim definitions of marriage, unveilings of the most amusing vices of a possible partner.

The stake of this five-star comedy has been won since the premiere: the audience has been amused for two hours and has asked the troupe for many steppings into the limelight for applause.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

Martha Hastings: Emilia Popescu                      Sara Hastings: Diana Cavallioti
Noogie: Constantin Cotimanis                      Brandon: Andi Vasluianu
Heather: Andreea Vasile                     
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