I am a child: laugh – cry, suffer – dream, die – hope, miss – adore, hate – love, fly – fall, pessimist – optimist, game-wam-bam.

Ovidiu Cuncea

b. 24.05.1967, Făgăraş

In the current season the actor plays in:

Incognito The Dinner Game The Door Mat The Inspector General

Parts at NTB:

Cheval - "The Dinner Game" by Francis Veber, directed by Ion Caramitru, from 2021

"Incognito" by Nick Payne, directed by Zsuzsánna Kovács, 2020

  • The Photographer - "The Door Mat" by Ion Baiesu, directed by Mircea Cornisteanu, 2019
  • The Herald, Pacala - "Pearls, thread yourselves" by Victor Eftimiu, directed by Dan Puric, 2015
  • Loby, The Conductor - "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by Alexander Morfov, 2011 
  • Lennox, Seyton, A murderer - "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, directed by Radu Penciulescu, 2011
  • Corifeul - „The Clouds" written by Aristofan, directed by Dan Tudor, 2009
  • The Poet - „Molto, gran' impressione" written by Romulus Vulpescu, directed by Dan Tudor, 2009     
  • The 4th mad man (Emilian), a mad man who met with Stalin - „The History of Communism Told to the Mental Ills" written by Matei Vişniec, directed by Florin Fătulescu, 2007
  • Pârlea Vodă - „Sanziana and Pepelea" written by Vasile Alecsandri, directed by Dan Tudor, 2006
  • Agopian - „The Last Hour" written by Mihail Sebastian, directed by Anca Ovanez Doroşenco, 2006
  • Fedorovici - „The Idea" written by Leonid Andreev, directed by Felix Alexa, 2005
  • Bot Gros, Egeu - „A Midsummer Night's dream" written by William Shakespeare, directed by Felix Alexa, 2003

Other Activities outside the NTB:

Parts in theatre

The Jewish State
Theatre from Bucharest: 1993 - 2002

  • Our hunchback - „The Farce of Hunchbacks" written by Anton Pann
  • The Gladiator - „Merlin" written by Tancred Dorst
  • The Mad Man - „Golem", written and directed by Cătălina Buzoianu
  • „Uriel Acosta", directed by Grigore Gonţa
  • Johnny - „The Billionaire's Wedding" by Dinu Grigorescu
  • The Illusionist - „The Illusionist from Brooklyn" directed by Woody Allen
  • „Tomfools" written by I. L. Caragiale
  • Hunen - „Dibuk" by Shalom Anski, 1993 - his theatrical entrance

Movie parts

  • Stephen Lux - „Amen", directed by Costa Gavras, 2002
  • Ivan - „I Am Adam", directed by Dan Piţa, 1996
  • Rosencrantz - „Old School Philanderers", directed by Mircea Veroiu, 1995
  • Til - „The Stone Cross", directed by Andrei Blaier, 1993
  • Moitl - „Train de vie", directed by Radu Mihăileanu, 1989

Television shows

  • „Good Morning at 7 A.M.", „Gaiţă's World", „The Traveling Team", ProTv, 1995 - 2000
  • „Million Street", Prima TV, 2000 - 2002
  • „Ciao Darwin" (2003- 2004), „The Awesome People" (2005), Antena 1

Radio shows

  • Radio ProFm - „The Midnight Sieves" (1997 - 2000); „The Mischiefs" (2004)

Pedagogical activities:

  • Professor of mimics, gestures and free speech, The Orthodox Theological Seminar from Giurgiu, 1999 - 2001


  • The National Academy of Theatre and Film, Acting section, class of Grigore Gonţa, class of 1994
  • The Ion Sava Centre for Research and Theatrical Creation, The National Theatre of Bucharest - creation workshop: „Inspiration and enhancement of acting abilities" under the guidance of stage director and professor Radu Penciulescu, but also of choreographer and professor Florin Fieroiu (11.08 - 23.08 2008, Ipoteşti - The National Centre of Studies "Mihai Eminescu") 
  • PhD student - The National University of Theatrical and Cinematographical Art of Bucharest, presenting the research thesis "The Theatricality of the Orthodox Liturgy", 2002
  • The PARIS 3 Summer University - Courses in the Yiddish language, 1997
  • The Sorbonne University in Paris - PhD student, presenting the research thesis "The Theatricality of the Orthodox Sacred Liturgy", professor George Banu, 1995 - 1996
  • Workshop with Andrei Şerban - Arad, 1995
  • The Theological Seminar of Bucharest, 1984 - 1989
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